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Sino-Europe Startups Association (SESA) is a network for people searching for chances to become entrepreneurs. We are united to share information and resources we need for entrepreneurship, to strive for a better environment for startups. SESA’s long term goal is building network of business information, communication and collaboration, pursuing the best-fit resources for startup projects. We help entrepreneurs with our own experience in entrepreneurship, profound connections with scientific and business networks in Europe and China. The headquarter of SESA is in Heidelberg, Germany, and we are developing an association network across Europe via local partners to serve and unite more members.

Startup Teams

SESA provides startup entrepreneurs and teams with a platform of communication and collaboration, and connects start-up projects with resources and networks.


The modern society is eager for innovation and development in technology and economy. By establishing the SESA network, we encourage people with entrepreneur spirit to embrace their passion and to fulfill their dreams.


No matter if you are an entrepreneur or an employee, SESA offers a stage for the talents to show your strength.

Incubators, Clusters and Investors

SESA introduces promising startup teams to incubators, clusters and investors, and we help them to evaluate the prospect of the projects.

A Brief Overview of the Medical Fieldtrip

[November 2017]


  • Visited MEDICA Exhibition, learnt the newest development and trend in medical technology.


  • Met with the representative from Medical Valley – one of the strongest and the most active medical technology clusters, and learnt their model and network.


  • Visited DKFZ and met with Prof. Müller’s group, learnt the latest development of their HPV vaccine and had a lab tour.


  • Visited ATOS – an advanced private hospital in Heidelberg, had a tour around the clinic, learnt their medical services and international patients handling.


  • Visited PEPperPRINT and Sciomics, two spin-offs from DKFZ, learnt their advanced microarray analysis technologies. Dinner with representatives from these firms as well as from Mediri - an innovative company providing medical imaging solutions, discussed chances for collaboration and strategies in reaching Chinese customers.


  • Visited Heidelberg University Hospital and Heidelberg Ion-beam Therapy Center, learnt the advanced technology in radiotherapy.


  • Visited BioRN – one of Germany’s strongest biotechnology clusters, and learnt their model and network in the fields of personalized medicine and cancer research.


  • Visited XENIOS and learnt its leading technology in lung and heart assist, discussed the opportunities and challenges in entering Chinese market.


  • Visited Seleon, learnt the medical engineering and consulting services Seleon provides, discussed current challenges medical device companies facing in Germany, and discussed possible collaborations in the future.


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About us

SESA is an European based association for startup projects and entrepreneurs. With our interdisciplinary background and cross-culture knowledge, SESA is dedicated to gather information and resources for startup teams and to promote communication and collaboration between Europe and China.